My passion for football

I’m Andrei and I love football since forever. I want to rediscover together with you the moments that marked the past and comment today’s highlights. Hope you will enjoy the journey!

Andrei at Euro 2016

Who am I?

I’m a digital marketer and a football fan. Like many of you, I was introduced to the game by the male side of my family. A a few decades ago, my grandfather used to be the president of our village football club. I remember my uncle asking me which club I support: “Steaua” or “Otelul”, the county’s main team. That’s how I’ve chosen my favorite team from Romania: Steaua Bucuresti. However, it wasn’t until we came back to Romania in 1997 that I started following football. I was 8 years old.

My first World Cup

First, I was enjoying all the games played by Steaua: home, away, Romanian league (“Divizia A”) or UEFA Champions League. Yelling goal a few times and celebrating literally like a child, it was already 1998: my first World Cup – Coupe du Monde 1998. I remember every single classmate, neighbor friend and adult were supporting Brazil. But I was with France. All the way: Allez les bleus! It was the time when I’ve won my first bet: France to score 3 goals against Brazil. I’ve won just the equivalent of 2 euros, but I was so proud of being right against all the odds…

Playing FIFA and watching football

During that summer I’ve played my first FIFA on PC: FIFA Road to World Cup 98. It was the trigger that unleashed my passion for the game. FC Barcelona, PSG, Juventus Torino or Bayern München, those were the teams I was playing with. Blur Song 2 and Footix’s appearances acted as the prematch warmups. From here it was game on: watching top teams from La Liga and Serie A. Rivaldo quickly became my hero as I received Barcelona’s 1999 centenary t-shirt with his name on the back. I have to confess, it was not easy to focus on my homework during Serie A Sunday’s matchdays. Math or Del Piero’s freekicks? The calculus was simple.

First match on a stadium

My first stadium attendance took place the same year. The 1999 Romanian Cup Final was contested by Steaua and Rapid. It was the Romanian equivalent of a Real Madrid vs Athletico Madrid or Arsenal vs Tottenham. I was standing there, in the corner side of the biggest Romanian stadium waiting for penalty shout-outs. You cannot imagine all the joy I’ve felt when Steaua won. Since then, I’ve got the opportunity to attend matches on prestigious arenas like Camp Nou or Parc des Princes. What a time to be alive and watch Messi on live action…

This is tuttigoal

Years passed by, but my passion for football is still there. My ambition with this website is to bring value for you by rediscovering moments that marked the past or commenting highlights from today. Hence tuttigoal.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.