It all started in 1998

France 1998. First match: Romania vs. Columbia. My father invited his childhood friend. I was there, seating with them and enjoying the golazo of Adrian Ilie. A well deserved three points followed by an astonishing last-minute victory against England. Sorry English lads, you got Michael Owen but I’m sure you remember Dan Petrescu.

I’ve experienced my first sorrow moment in football after the Croatian penalty that sent back home my dear bleached blonde hair squad. However, the French tricolors were still en route for the final.

You can find below highlights from World Cup games. I’m gathering as many matches as possible with the aim to go back in time to less known editions like 1962 Chile’s World Cup.

You will also find more recent ones like the 2002 FIFA World Cup organized in Japan and South Korea. Remember “Fevernova”?

Best moments from World Cups