Fourteen years passed since a German football club won a Champions League final (Hamburg in 1983) and ten years since a Bundesliga club played the final (Bayern Munich in 1987).

Dortmund’s path to the Champions League 1997 final held in the Bavarian province was not a smooth one, but they did it. Borussia got its first Champions League trophy in Munich. A triumph celebrated with chants and beer by the half black and yellow side of the Olympiastadion.

Experienced stars like Sammer, Moller, and Riedle made possible the Champions League 1997 victory.

The final game is at a good level, with many occasions. Juve shots two times on the post and deploys a hot-pursuit style early in the game. As Italians’ juice vanished, Lippi tries to boost the game with Del Piero and the switch to a 4-3-3. Even though he scores and reduces the difference to 1-2, the Italians are impatient.

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Dortmund answer comes quickly. Seventeen second after his introduction, Lars Ricken scores for 1-3 in the 71st minute. Juventus is tired and cannot come back. Dortmund wins its first Champions League title.

After the match, Hitzfeld celebrates: “Besides the first twenty minutes when we haven’t reached a good pace, we played a world class game with a super Riedle.”

Anyway, Dortmund showed a realistic style: three shots on goal, three goals. Try to beat that. Juve couldn’t.

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