The guide you need for your EURO 2020 stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam EURO 2020 guide
Ready to start your EURO 2020 adventure in Amsterdam? Whether you are a lucky ticket holder or want to get around during the football competition, I put together this guide that helps you to plan your EURO2020 in Amsterdam journey.

EURO 2020 Matches at Johan Cruijff ArenA – Amsterdam

  • Sunday, 14 June – Group C match
  • Thursday, 18 June – Group C match
  • Monday, 22 June – Group C match
  • Sunday, 27 June – Round of 16 (Team 2 Group A vs. Team 2 Group B)

How to get to Amsterdam

How to get to Amsterdam

By plane

Airport: Schiphol Airport (AMS)
Distance to city center: 21km – View in GMaps
Distance to Johan Cruijff ArenA: 17km – View in GMaps

Schiphol is Europe’s third busiest airport and has multiple connections to the city of Amsterdam: train connections to and from Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam Centraal stations, as well as a direct bus (397) to Museumplein.

Got your EURO 2020 ticket, but still looking for cheap flight tickets? I recommend, a price comparison website where you can find the best option for your flight to EURO 2020 Amsterdam. I use it for all my travels.

By train

Amsterdam Centraal Station has high-speed connections from Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, or even Frankfurt.  The Dutch rail network is reliable and dense, so you can take advantage of your EURO 2020 stay and visit other places throughout the Netherlands.

Maybe you live in another European city, or just come by in Europe and want to visit other countries during your EURO 2020 stay? Don’t worry, you will find the easiest train route at the best prices on Raileurope website.

By coach

Maybe you prefer buses instead of a flight or a train trip. Then, you are lucky. There are three main buses station in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Centraal Station, Duivendrecht Station, and Sloterdijk Station. They all serve long-distance international buses.

Getting to Amsterdam for EURO 2020 by coach can be cheaper, and nowadays comfortable as most operators offer FREE WiFi, AC, and onboard toilet.

The only downside is that bus trips are longer than train ones. But prices can be very attractive. Should you be interested in bus offers, I recommend FlixBus. I use it when I don’t want to take my car and want to pay less than a train ticket. I once get from the Netherlands to Paris for only 19 EUR.

By car

I know, we are predicated to take alternative options to cars, but sometimes is the more convenient way to travel.

Amsterdam is accessible by A7/A8 highway from the north, A1 from the east, and A2/A4 from the south. I recommend you the Viamichelin route planner to find the cost and duration of your car trip to Amsterdam for EURO 2020.

Please note that Johan Cruijff ArenA provides limited parking during EURO 2020. That’s why I recommend planning to park close to a P+R (Park and Ride) and then using public transport to get to the stadium.

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My favorite parking location when I go to Amsterdam is P+R Rai. It’s maybe the biggest facility, you can park for just €1 per 24h during the weekend. Not to mention P+R Rai is just 15 minutes away from Johan Cruijff ArenA if you take the metro.

Where to stay in Amsterdam during EURO 2020

Where to stay in Amsterdam during EURO 2020

Amsterdam is not the cheapest destination, whether there is a football event like EURO2020 or not. But you can still find a bargain if you book early and consider staying outside the city center. Rest assure, the excellent public transport network will get you to the city in no time.

Once you got your EURO 2020 ticket or know where you want to travel, I recommend the dedicated page for EURO 2020 hotels in Amsterdam. You will easily find the perfect accommodation based on which games you want to attend. Should you go to multiple cities, Booking makes it straightforward to select the nearest hotel for every game you will attend.

Low budget offers: Hostels

For anyone looking for a low budget match, hostels are a great option. They are also perfect if you plan to come with your buddies: you can share 6+ bedrooms. Try to find that in a hotel…

Many hostels organize social events around football, so even you can celebrate with other fans even if you are traveling alone.

My suggestion is to check, a website specialized in hostels since 1999. They list over 100 hostels in Amsterdam, so I’m sure you can find something for your EURO 2020 stay.

Value for money: hotels

You want a private room and relax after the match, but you don’t want to pay a fortune? Hotels in the suburbs of Amsterdam are the right choice for your EURO 2020 stay in Amsterdam. lists around 50 three-star and 8+ rating hotels in Amsterdam. Hurry and get the perfect deal!

Luxury hotels

Apart from the fun side, there’s an elegance specific to Amsterdam. You can explore it on certain streets, and by staying in one of the 25 five-stars hotels listed on : Hilton, Marriot, InterContinental, or the eccentric Crane Hotel to name a few.

Find the right accommodation for EURO 2020

<strong>Close to the stadium</strong>
Book a hotel in Amsterdam-Zuidoost if you want to stay near the stadium. Not only you will get a walking-distance hotel, or maximum 30 minutes by public transport, but it’s ideal to explore another area of the City with restaurants specialized in worldwide cuisine – African fufu, Japanese sushi, Scandinavian plates and many more. You will also find a big multiplex cinema.

<strong>Close to the airport</strong>
For people who don’t want to travel a lot, stay in the airport neighborhood at Schiphol. The public transport connections will easily get you to anywhere in the city, and the stadium is around 30 minutes away. It’s the most convenient stay if you want a quick getaway after the match, especially if you got a plane to catch for the next game.

<strong>Close to Amsterdam center</strong>
EURO 2020 celebration and exploring the core of Amsterdam are your priorities? Then stay around The Pijp, Amsterdam-Zuid area. There are many bars, restaurants, and night clubs where you can extend after match celebration.
The journey to the stadium is around 25 minutes by public transport. There are many hotels, 3-stars and if you book in advance, you can find good value deals. Remember that some properties offer a Free cancellation policy, so hurry.

<strong>For families</strong> users endorsed Amsterdam’s West district as family friendly. If you look to relax the day after the match, you will find activities to entertain your children. Cycling is a must, so you can easily explore the Vondelpark.
The journey towards the Johan Cruijff ArenA is a bit longer and it will take you 40 minutes by public transport. Therefore, I suggest planning your departure in advance.

Getting around in Amsterdam

Getting around in Amsterdam during EURO 2020

Transport from the Airport

The Airport Express (bus 397) has a fast and direct connection to Amsterdam. The Airport bus stops are located outside Schiphol Plaza. You can easily plan your trip at
Schiphol Station is located under the airport. It’s a central hub for the Dutch railways, so you can go virtually anywhere across the Netherlands. It takes 15 minutes to reach the city center or the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Plan your trip on
Depending on traffic, a taxi from the airport to the city center will cost you around €40. Beware of fake taxis. Take only the official ones, as showed throughout the airport exits.

Uber is available in Amsterdam. UberX will cost you between €29-39 to the city center and €25-34 to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Don’t have an Uber account? Create one NOW and explore Amsterdam City during EURO 2020.

All the major car rental companies have a representation at Schiphol. Please know that the opening hours are between 06h30 and 23h00. For the best prices, I invite you to, a car comparison website that I use before I rent a car. If you are from USA, please note that most cars are manual in Europe, so make sure to filter for automatic cars.

Transport in the City

Amsterdam have an efficient network of bus, tram, metro, and even boat connections. Just buy a transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) at a GVB ticket machine, charge it with enough credit, and then you can travel in the entire network. You can also use it for trains. However, don’t forget to check in at the entrance and out at the exit.
> Read all transport details on GVB website
The Dutch are known for cycling. Amsterdam is made for bikes. You can rent one in every corner. Use bike lanes and be ready for heavy traffic. When I walk in Amsterdam, I pay more attention to bikes than cars.

You can rent bikes from OV-fiets designated locations or from other bike hire companies. You can always check Iamsterdam website for more bike hiring options.

There are 9km from Amsterdam Centraal to Johan Cruijff ArenA, and you can reach it in 30 minutes.
> View bike rental options

You will find taxis throughout the city center. Prices are starting at €3.19, and the kilometer rate is €2.35. Should you opt for Uber, make sure to have the app installed and estimate your fare.
>Travel with Uber in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is bike friendly, but it’s painful driving a car. Not only the parking can get extremely expensive (areas with €10 per hour!), but many roads will close during the EURO 2020. If you travel to Amsterdam with your car, make sure to find a hotel that offers parking or find a place in a P+R.
> hotels with a parking

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