Real Madrid makes history with these Adidas Finale balls

Real Madrid favorite Adidas Finale

After one-year break when their all-time rivals grabbed the trophy, Real Madrid is back to restore full European dominance. The next 5 balls helped Real Madrid to break all the records by becoming the first European club to win not two, but three in a row Champions League titles.

Real Madrid dominance continues with the Adidas Finale Milano

First things first, the Adidas Finale Milano continues the pattern used in the Adidas Finale 15 with straight lines crossing the stars.

Adidas Finale Milano, the ball of the Champions League 2015-2016 final
Adidas Finale Milano

Black lines are crossing the gray stars. Combined with additional graphics, the ball shows two symbols of Milano: the legendary Teatro alla Scala and the San Siro’s iconic football stairs. Cristiano Ronaldo kicks the final penalty with the Adidas Finale Milano, and seal Real Madrid’s 11th Champions League title.


Champions League 2016-17 balls: Adidas finale 16 and Adidas Finale Cardiff

The famous star-panel ball has a new color: dark green. But what is the real element of novelty? Adidas came with the original idea to reach some of the greatest players in 2016 as Gareth Bale, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez and ask them:

How do you win your way?

Players responded with quotes that are engraved on the ball:

  • Control the game is everything
  • Faster than a bullet
  • Play your life. I play mine
  • La chance ne sourit qu’aux audacieux


Some quotes are in English, while others are in French, Italian or Spanish. Adidas kept the exact handwriting of the players who answered to the question.

Original, what do you think? If you like it, don’t forget to check prices and grab one of these balls.

Adidas Finale Cardiff – Dragon Ball Z

Blue is back to the famous star panel ball. No symbol represents better the Wells than the dragon. So, it’s natural to print a dragon on the Adidas Finale Cardiff. From tail to head, the blue stars are keeping the dragon inside them.

But Real Madrid has other thoughts. Cristiano Ronaldo unleashes the dragon and scores two goals. Even though Mandžukić equalizes for Juve after Ronaldo’s first score, the dragon kept madridista’s side and fired four goals in Buffon’s net.

Adidas Finale Cardiff, the ball of the Champions League 2016-2017 final when Real Madrid beat Juventus
Adidas Finale Cardiff


Another final conceded by the Italian team as their former player, Zinedine Zidane, now the coach of Real Madrid, inspired his players to get the most out of the Adidas Finale Cardiff ball. I say it’s safe to call it the Dragon Ball Z.

Adidas Finale Kyiv

Real Madrid is on fire and continues its fantastic performance in the next edition of the Champions League.

Before arriving in Kiev, it’s noteworthy to talk about Adidas Finale 17. The pentagon panels are white, the star panels are black. Nothing more classic so far.

However, inside the stars there is a different story. A series of thunderbolts give the ball a marvelous aggressive look.


Real Madrid unlocked the unthinkable: three UCL* trophies in a row

In semi-finals, Real Madrid defeats Bayern Munich, while Liverpool surpasses AS Roma. The clash of titans can have only one result: the best will get the crown.

If Real Madrid wants to extend the record of consecutive trophy wins, Liverpool is determined to take back the crown of Europe.

But, once again, Zinedine Zidane tactics and Bale’s goals brought a third consecutive Champions League trophy to Madrid.

Breaking the records wouldn’t have been possible without the Adidas Finale Kyiv ball. Blue and yellow elements mark an Ukrainian takeover of the design.

Adidas Finale Kiev, the ball of the Champions League 2017-2018 final when Real Madrid made history by winning its 3rd consecutive trophy
Adidas Finale Kiev


Otherwise, the stars got some sharp elements that reminds me of those anime fight effects – Real Madrid fought for the title.

I recommend this ball at least for all Real Madrid’s fans as it marks forever the history of football. You cannot go wrong with an official Champions League ball. FIFA don’t rank them as the best footballs for nothing.

Many thanks to ykyeco who give me the right to use all the balls images presented in this article. You can check his Instagram account or his website for more match balls pictures.

*UCL – UEFA Champions League

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