What are the most recent innovations for Adidas Finale balls?

Adidas Finale 18 and Adidas Finale Madrid

Pentagon panels are white and various colors and patterns are shaping the stars. This is the norm since Adidas started to supply the official Champions League ball.

But Adidas switched the colors for the 2018-19 Champions League season. Stars are now glowing in full white and pentagons embrace various design. The limits of Adidas team are far from being reached. During the group stage, teams play with the Adidas Finale 18. The ball has blue pentagons. If blue is your favorite color, then it’s the right ball for you. Regarding technology, it’s the same as the one used during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Adidas Finale 18 is the ball used during the Champions League 2018-2019 Group Stage


Adidas Finale Madrid: for red lovers

Should you prefer red, you can opt for the Adidas Finale Madrid. Red pentagons are covering the white glowing stars. Another surprise is the digital graphic glitch that creates a 3D effect.

If the design is not enough to convince you, remember the matches played with this ball:

  • Barcelona vs Liverpool 3-0, first Leg, with Messi’s historic 600th goal
  • Liverpool vs Barcelona 4-0, second leg – another magical comeback
  • Young Ajax team achievements against Real Madrid and Juventus
  • Tottenham comeback against Manchester City
  • Tottenham last-minute final qualification against Ajax


Finally, for all the Reds fans out there, Liverpool get their 6th Champions League trophy by playing with the red colored Adidas Finale Madrid ball.

Many thanks to ykyeco who give me the right to use all the balls images presented in this article. You can check his Instagram account or his website for more match balls pictures.

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